Minima is a Computer Algebra System for secondary school children. With a reduced set of commands, it does not compare with older and much more powerful software primarily designed for research and engineering.

For current and future editions, Minima is for now written with Java language (Java 1.4.2 or more recent required), so the functionalities are the same within almost all the major operating systems.

The program, documentation and source code are included in software archive available you can download.

Minima is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You can get a copy of the license at the following website address: "".

Minima is a Free Software, and you can use it for free.

Minima is a software designed and developped by an IREM research group (E.I.E.M. group - Environnements Interactifs et Enseignement des Mathématiques) of "IREM des Pays de la Loire", with special interest for educational use of mathematical software within secondary school cursus.

e-mail : minima_at_tuxfamily_org
Last modification : October 14, 2009